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15th July 2016

As a recent addition to the Ebsford Team, I have hit the ground running at the beginning of a busy summer for the company. Using our trusty Truxor machine, we have continued our highly successful and award winning zero-waste de-silting techniques.

My first aquatic project was a pond restoration at East Bierley, Bradford. The ethos of the project was very much focused on the community, as the pond was popular with the local residents and of course the ducks.

The aim of the restoration was to remove excess silt in order to restore the biodiversity of the pond, and re-use the extracted material on site to re-enforce the banks and prevent future erosion.

As you can see from our before and after pictures, there’s quite a difference and we’re pretty proud of the transformation.


Once the hard engineering was completed, we teamed up with East Bierley Primary School to add the finishing touches to their local pond. We took this opportunity to give the children a mini lesson in ecosystems and biodiversity. They were very enthusiastic about the three large bags of wildflower seeds we gave them to plant. The children weren’t the only ones that had a great morning out, as even myself and our managing director couldn’t resist getting involved with the waders and jumping into the pond to do some more seeding, check out that technique, you’d think I’d been doing it for years right?

I can’t wait to go back to site in a few weeks and see how all the plants and flowers have grown and hopefully the ducks are loving their new home.

Happy weekend from Ebsford,



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