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23rd October 2020

Happy World Fish Migration Day! Today with the World Fish Migration Foundation we reflect on the importance of free-flowing rivers and migratory fish.

Protecting wildlife and improving habitat is at the heart of what we do here at Ebsford. Many migratory fish species are becoming critically endangered or threatened because of human interference, some of the main causes are historic weirs, barriers, and sluices, preventing the natural flow of rivers and fish’s usual migratory routes.

Fish species across the world depend on free-flowing rivers to reproduce, feed, and complete their life cycles. Restoring the natural processes of rivers, taking out artificial barriers, putting back meanders and the variety of habitat has its benefits not only for wildlife, it is vital to our wellbeing too. Migratory fish are crucial in creating healthy and productive river systems, are key link in the food chain and provide a significant supply of food and income globally. Because of this, we need to play our part in protecting the species and supporting future generations of wildlife.

You may have seen one of our projects, the Harraby weir removal, live streamed in July to raise awareness of the many out of use and abandoned dams affecting river systems across Europe. Our site team carefully removed the disused artificial barrier on the River Petteril, allowing fish to move more freely along this section of the river. Such a small adjustment can make a huge impact on the health of a river. This is just one of many projects to improve fish passage that we are proud to be a part of. Take a look at our videos in the Media section to find out more.

We are always honoured to work in partnership with our clients and play a role in such a significant movement. One day a river can seem quiet and the next it can be bursting with activity from 1000’s of spawning fish, so it’s important we continue to give species the habitats they need to adapt and thrive.


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