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Minimal Disturbance Solution for Japanese Knotweed on SSSI Fawley SSSI JK Eradication

3 Year programme
New Forest Holbury Mire
Herbicidal Treatment

In 2019 Ebsford were contacted by a client, seeking a contractor capable of managing 900m2 of Japanese knotweed whilst ensuring the protection of the Statutory Protected habitats within their site

The Japanese knotweed was situated in New Forest Holbury Mire, a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and pre commencement Ebsford needed to ensure the completion of an application to Natural England to gain assent. This process considers the impacts of the works on the designated features, and Ebsford were able to demonstrate how our methodology minimised any impacts on the site whilst actively managing the infestation.

Comprising of mature dense woodland, grassland and shrubs, the site provided a thriving habitat for nesting birds. Protected species and nesting birds were a big concern to Natural England and the proximity to the watercourse also required permission from the Environment Agency before using herbicides.  

To ensure minimal disturbance to other species to prevent the contamination of water supplies and having gained all relevant permissions a herbicidal treatment programme suitable for near water and managed over 3 years was deemed a suitable option and would restore the landscape


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