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Enviroscreen multi waste stream processing of 6,000 cube to facilitate re-use on site Gibbet Hill Screening, Coventry

9 Weeks
Complex remedial scheme using Enviroscreen 2020

Ebsford environmental were approached by the client with a small suburban site hosting a former pond in one corner of the site which had, over the years been subject to a range of fly tipping and infilling activities. 

The contamination of these materials were highlighted at an early stage in the development window, through initial phase ground investigation works.  Second and third phase trial pitting was undertaken to more fully understand the levels and types of materials present leading to the production of a cost benefit analysis allowing the client to make an informed decision on the type of remedial scheme to be employed.

The Ebsford team designed and implemented a solution to undertake the management of 6,000 cube of subsoils contaminated with historic landfill, containing licensable asbestos and Japanese Knotweed which would facilitate the reuse of 99% of this material on site offering a cost saving in the region of £1million against disposal to landfill due to volume and type of contamination.

This methodology kept vehicle movements to an absolute minimum and prevented in the region of 600 haulage vehicle movements within the residential area surrounding site.

- Enviroscreen 2020 processing was used to separate waste streams from the host material.  

- Japanese Knotweed rhizome was separated to remove viability and incinerated on site.

- 151 tyres, 100 ton of landfill waste, 3700kg of bonded asbestos sent to landfill.

- Scrap metal passed for re use.

In the early stages of the scheme, close liaison with the site ecologists was required to tie in with a badger relocation scheme and reptile mitigation project.

The site, being in a high profile residential area, required careful and courteous management of the neighbourhood, with a notification undertaken in the early project stage to keep residents with a direct line of sight into the scheme appraised of the nature of the works given the elevated precautions required for the asbestos works.

‘Ebsford Environmental - I would just like to express my thanks to the Ebsford Team for providing a first class service when dealing with a series of environmental issues on our behalf at Gibbet Hill, Coventry.

They have provided a superior service from project inception to completion, have always acted in an informative, open and client focussed manner, work on site has been well presented and professionally managed and just as importantly they have provided a transparent commercial framework on a project where, due to the complexity of mixed organic and inorganic contaminants, a fix price approach was not appropriate.

I would not hesitate to recommend Ebsford Environmental for projects of a similar nature which involve Japanese Knotweed and / or contaminated subsoils which require a combination of in situ treatment and off-site disposal.’ David Dodge, Development Director  William Davis Homes


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