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Burial of multiple species to enable construction programme Model Dairy Farm - Burial of Japanese knotweed and Horsetail

1 Week
Burton on Trent
Burial of Japanese knotweed and Horsetail

This large site presented multiple Japanese knotweed and the nuisance weed, Horsetail infestations. The site was due to be developed by a large housing developer, and the infestations therefore required removal in their entirety to allow the development to go ahead; although a native species, Horsetail can quickly disrupt hardstanding, and is difficult to remove from newly laid pathways and driveways in such a residential development.

In this case, Ebsford not only fully controlled the species through careful excavation and burial, but allowed the programme of works to go ahead by working alongside the client’s groundworkers. This meant that the client was delivered a fully integrated invasive species and groundwork package through Ebsford’s ability to work with other parties on site.


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