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Naturalisation of Whitefield Lade Whitefield Pond Amenity Improvements

10 weeks
Amenity Improvements

East Dumbarton Council identified a need to make improvements on behalf of the Lennoxtown people to enhance the biodiversity and prevent further decline of the much loved community space, Whitefield pond.

An existing lade, which fed the pond itself, was in a declining state, requiring upgrading. The Council wished to naturalise the lade, which was demonstrating areas of breaching in some parts, in an attempt to solve the increasing issues of erosion, silt deposition and leaking, and at the same time provide an attractive biodiversity rich area.

Through early engagement with the client and interested parties Ebsford Environmental proposed a management plan to naturalise the lade with further sustainable benefits to the site whilst working sympathetically in relation to the environment and the public.

Consideration was also given to water level management through the introduction of a high-level berm in case of potential flooding, and adding another level to the existing silt trap reduces the amount of sediment that travels down the new channel.

Ebsford identified that the project could be completed with zero-waste, through encapsulating the existing retaining structure of the channel as opposed to dismantling and disposal. Reclaimed granite blocks from the channel have been used to reprofile the northern edge of the pond, retain silt and were planted with marginal native species.

Further biodiversity boosting features including shelves in the bank profile for emergent and aquatic marginal plants were included. Alongside reinstating footpaths around the new channel, Ebsford will revisit in spring to complete a full landscaping and planting scheme.


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