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Improvements to Community Space and Wetland Area Stanmore Marsh Restoration Project

6 Weeks
Amenity Improvements

Stanmore marsh in the centre of Harrow was previously a wetland area which had effectively dried out over the years, losing it’s biodiversity and local amenity due to poor maintenance. The site was in need of some improvement to make it once again habitable for native wildlife and a useful space for nearby residents.

A grant from the Mayor of London’s Big Green Fund made it possible for Harrow Council to begin restoring the wetland in partnership with Thames 21, The Environment Agency and Thames Water. 400m of public footpaths and a new children’s play area were installed and Ebsford successfully bid for stage 2 of the works which completed the transformation of the 4-acre site.

The scheme was also designed to prevent flooding across London with the creation of 3000m² wetlands providing a natural water storage area. Ebsford were appointed to complete the bank stabilisation of the existing pond which was enlarged along with desilting of this section of the main river to promote further oxygenation of the watercourse, in turn encouraging new plant and wildlife into the area.  

In Autumn of 2016 Ebsford began work on the marsh bank stabilisation works and the creation of reedbed areas and up to two-metre-wide marginal zones using pre-established coir pallets. Soft landscaping and seedbed preparation was carried out ahead to enable sowing of grass and wildflower seed.

The following spring, Ebsford returned to complete seeding of the bankside areas and ensure the establishment of previously planted areas.


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