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Safety of housing developers ensured through burial of Giant hogweed Giant hogweed eradication

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Giant hogweed eradication

A former mill site in North Yorkshire had a very serious infestation issue – the site, which primarily consisted of derelict buildings, was to be transformed into a residential area by a local housing developer, however Giant hogweed was present. Giant hogweed poses a significant risk to public health, as the sap contains chemicals called furanocoumarins; exposure to sunlight of skin that has been in contact with the sap, even for short periods, induces phytophotodermatitis. This produces reactions in the skin to the severity of blistering to third-degree burns that require medical treatment. The client understood the risks of the species and their duty of care as a responsible homebuilder to prevent harm to the public.

Ebsford prevented delay to the commencement of the construction programme through the burial of the dangerous Giant hogweed. Excavations to a depth of 300mm also mitigated the risk of a re-introduction of the species as this depth, in line with best practice, captured any seed bank in the soil also. The burial pit contained all Giant hogweed material within it, safeguarding the site completely, and preventing any harm to the homebuilder’s personnel as well as the general public.


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