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Revival and Flood Protection of Public Parkland Newton Park River Restoration

16 weeks
River Restoration and Amenity Enhancements

Harrow Council work to improve open space amenities and provide access to wildlife for its local communities with an ongoing commitment to improve flood protection levels across the borough.

Newton Park West was Harrow Councils latest project and in a partnership approach with Ebsford, Keir, The Environment Agency, Thames 21 and specialist consultants Metis their aims were to increase capacity of The Roxbourne Stream which flows south-westwards through the park, through restoration and channel modification. In addition the installation a hard flood defence raised the flood protection levels for 13 neighbouring properties.

As a further protection measure Ebsford diverted the river dry weather flows through 4 wetland cells planted with native aquatic species to improve water quality which also improved biodiversity and habitat, attracting more wildlife to the park.

As part of Harrow Council’s focus on healthy living, the project was also designed to improve amenities and encourage better use of the park for the local residents. The construction of a new foot and cycle path and 2 new bridges to connect Malvern Avenue and Alexandra Avenue provides a much more substantial pedestrian route which can be accessed 12 months of the year.

Ebsford were able to minimise material going off site by constructing 2 log walls from poor condition and non-native trees that had to be felled to enable the construction and landscaping works. Earth bund features were also created to reduce disposal of excavated material which minimised the carbon footprint of the project and also saved on costs to the client.

The restoration of the underutilised park was eagerly anticipated by local residents and authority figures. Community engagement was at the forefront of the project and upon completion of the works the park was officially reopened following a successful community event. Local school children were invited to get involved with the planting and seeding of the new wetland cells. Following a blessing by Reverand Lyndon North of the local church, visitors were welcomed following an official ribbon cutting by the district mayor.

Ebsford have been collaborating with Harrow since 2012 following other natural flood management and removal of invasive non-native species projects. Our partnership approach is fundamental to the success of such projects.


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