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03rd December 2019

Ebsford Environmental were delighted to be up for nomination at the PCA 10th Annual Best Practice Awards, held in November, celebrating the very best in the industry.

This year our projects have taken a step up with the level of technical difficulty, kicking off the year with three major screening projects and rounding up the year with our biggest Japanese Knotweed scheme to date.

The Invasives business unit have pulled together to complete 142 projects this year alone. A special thanks goes out to our operations teams for going above and beyond, ensuring each project is delivered to the highest possible standard, commercial who have reached an outstanding 30% increase in sales following last year and the customer services team, who work hard to regularly communicate with clients and continue to retain our high level of repeat business year after year, it doesn’t go unnoticed!

As a result of all the hard work this year and brilliant feedback throughout the customer journey and project delivery, we were honoured to be awarded Japanese Knotweed Contractor of the Year! With 127 PCA Japanese Knotweed members at present, this is a fantastic accomplishment and our Invasives team are extremely proud of what they have achieved this year.

To add to the success, Ebsford were also highly commended for Japanese Knotweed project of the year at Cryfields, a complex job, well managed and delivered by our southern commercial and operations. We are proud to be recognised for these works and appreciate the opportunity given by the PCA to acknowledge what a fantastic team we have built.

A huge congratulations to all involved.

28th October 2019

Ebsford love a bit of light-hearted competition between departments and so the mention of a possible 5-a-side company match did not go unheard.

The suggestion soon turned into a well-planned event complete with witty team names, makeshift hi-vis bibs and of course a bar for the less energetic of us to enjoy a drink, whilst cheering on the players.

The date was set and after some pre-match fighting talk, the Ebsford team gathered at the local football centre for what would be an eventful evening. Despite a few members being missing/ lost, the two teams; Ebsford United (Tottenham Hopperspur) and Environmental FC (Aston Screener) kicked the game off to a flying start.

Before long, the first few goals had been scored and a number of collisions had occurred, but both sides were putting in their all to secure a win. As the match continued it soon turned into mayhem, the teams were gaining new players, losing players, we even had a dislocated finger at one point. However everyone managed to make it out alive, although no doubt a little sore the next day.

The final score was debatable with a possible last-minute goal from Environmental FC, but the teams shook hands on a 12-12 draw. Afterwards, the group embarked upon post-match drinks to celebrate and discuss tactics for the next game, no doubt this will become a frequent event here at Ebsford.


18th October 2019

Our Ebsford employees joined forces with Avant Homes as part of their ‘Day to Make a Difference’ initiative back in June.

With the mission of supporting local communities and making a real difference to the lives of people who need it most, Avant Homes launched the scheme this year which was held on 12th June. We were honoured to take part in such a positive and scheme, working alongside fellow construction workers, sales advisors, apprentices and directors to give something back.

We had the pleasure of working with ‘Woolden Hill Primary School’ helping to improve their outdoor space. The schools pond underwent a full renovation and its surrounding area was planted with greenery to attract more wildlife for the children to enjoy. Also, a stunning flower bed in the shape of the school’s logo was created at the front of the school, welcoming parents, children and visitors.

Following the day, we received a letter of thanks from Headteacher of the school Sarah Sadler, making us extremely proud of the great team spirit we cherish here at Ebsford, “I wanted to say a huge thank you again for your support in your Avant 'Make a Difference' Day. Your team were wonderful and really worked hard from the moment they arrived to the last minute of the day (frantically planting flowers that had just arrived). From the first email, to the last car that left the site, your communication, professionalism and commitment to the project was second to none”.

Over 700 employees of Avant, as well as many suppliers and contractors took part in the initiative– some in person, others with materials or cash donations. With so many amazing schools, charities and local groups involved, it was a great day to be involved in and we were delighted we could offer our knowledge and expertise throughout the day.

01st October 2019

The Ebsford family have come together to enjoy coffee, cake and most importantly raise money for MacMillan. The team have been mixing, baking (and some burning) their own masterpieces. There may have been a few sneaky bought cakes in there too but at the end of the day it’s all about doing our bit and earning some cash for an amazing charity! 

A Morning of Coffee and Cake for Macmillan A Morning of Coffee and Cake for Macmillan

We enjoyed an array of goodies from Paige’s Chocolate Orange cheesecake to Debra’s Raisin Scones but there were many great efforts and certainly no soggy bottoms…

We raised a grand total of £322. A big thanks to our Office Manager Jemma Scott for arranging the whole thing and to everyone that contributed, no doubt our waistlines may have grown a tad but its all for a good cause!

The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is Macmillan’s biggest fundraising event, with an incredible £26.9 million raised just last year alone. 1 in 2 of us face cancer at some point in our lives and MacMillan do all they can to provide support and help people continue to live life to its fullest.

If you would like to make a contribution, don’t worry it’s not too late! Just follow the link below:

23rd July 2018
Giant hogweed – contact with this species can cause severe burns. Giant hogweed – contact with this species can cause severe burns.

Recently, Japanese knotweed has been discussed widely due to fresh research on the impact of the species; studies have found that in the property industry, it does not cause as much damage as has been believed for years. Giant Hogweed, however, presents much different discussions – whilst the discourse surrounding both species is considerably hysterical, for Giant Hogweed, this is because quite simply, the species presents a threat to human health – Japanese knotweed does not. In fact, Japanese knotweed has even been hailed as a rhubarb-y, anti-oxidant rich vegetable that goes nicely in a crumble!

This week, reports of a teen in Virginia, US, shocked the media.[1] The seventeen-year old had to be transferred to a specialist burns unit, demonstrating just how serious the effects of Giant Hogweed are – he suffered third degree burns, from a plant?! The sap of the plant contains chemicals called furanocoumarins, and when in direct contact with the skin, in conjunction with sunlight, an intense condition occurs – blisters and burns can last for months, with sensitivity to sunlight lasting for years after the initial contact. Blindness can even occur from contact with the eyes.

Particularly noteworthy about this incident, is that this was reportedly the state of Virginia’s first recording of the species – Giant Hogweed is so problematic not only due to its risks to public health, but due to its highly invasive nature; the plant is widespread across the UK after being introduced from the Caucasus region in the nineteenth century, in much the same way as Japanese knotweed – the plant was deemed an ornamental marvel with its large clusters of white flowers. Biodiversity is decreased wherever it chooses to tower – it relentlessly outcompetes native flora, and like its fellow non-native invasive plant, Himalayan balsam, can cause river bank erosion when it dies back, and creates flood risks if the dead vegetation impedes river flow.

How can we raise awareness of this harmful species? It seems that many articles reporting people being burned by Giant Hogweed, did not know what they had accidentally bumped into, and after the event, did not know what was to come. Giant Hogweed is listed under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (rev. 2) Schedule 9; this means that it is an offence to plant the species or otherwise cause it to spread in the wild. Councils provide information on the species and the dangers associated with it, but awareness seems to be garnered through the tales of extreme burns – after someone has been hurt by the plant. So, could the media frenzy surrounding Giant Hogweed actually be of use with this species? As already discussed, Japanese knotweed does not pose a public health threat; perhaps the reporting of Giant Hogweed injuries is the best way to create awareness and in turn, action?


Lauren Tomlinson

Sales Support Executive, Ebsford Environmental Ltd


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