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24th June 2020

At Ebsford HQ we have always welcomed our four-legged companions into the office. With National take your dog to work day approaching, it got us thinking about how much we are missing our canine colleagues whilst working from home, and how we can still help the charity this year.

It has also been an opportunity to reflect on how lucky we are to be based in the impressive grounds of The Nostell Priory Estate, a perfect location for us, and our pups!

As part of the annual dog-themed charity event, for the 7th year running many dog owners would usually have the ‘one-off’ chance to take their pooch to work. Businesses nationwide open their doors to employees’ dogs, to take part in raising funds and donating to charities dedicated to improving dog welfare in the UK.

We are especially grateful that we have a team of dog-lovers here at Ebsford, along with the space to accommodate them and although we appreciate animals are not for everyone, there are some significant benefits that can’t be denied. The presence of pets is thought to help reduce a person’s stress levels. In fact, studies show how dogs can massively enhance our health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally.

We appreciate how much dogs can do for us and our furry team wanted to make a contribution to those less fortunate.

This month, our pups have sacrificed their gravy bones and donated £30 each of their pocket money to help raise money for the charities dedicated to making a difference to the welfare of dogs across the UK. If you’d like to top up their donations or find out more about their work then visit With many of us still working from home this year, the charity will need our help more than ever!


Let us introduce you to the canine side of the Ebsford family you might happen to meet if you visit.

 Tasha Hartley

A regular at HQ who visits our offices almost daily, she’s convinced she owns the whole of the Nostell Estate and takes her guard dog role seriously, offering up the odd bark at a stranger until heading back in for a snooze.








 Beau Holderness

 A long standing member of the team who put us all to shame when she joined us for the 3 peaks challenge. She’s also modelling our Ebsford mascot and promoting the family’s Japanese knotweed wine!





 Roxy Fisher

Looking deceptively peaceful in this photo, but don’t be fooled. Roxy Is all play and no work but now she has a new brother Luka to annoy she doesn’t visit as often.





 Zac Briant

Loves a site visit but comes in for meetings when there’s likely to be snacks around.












 Cooper Whitehead

The latest addition to our family at just 3 months old. Thrilled with office life but only managed to shred the one magazine on his first day.









We are sure they will be missing the office and their human colleagues as much as we miss them. Hopefully, we will all be back together soon, even if it’s at a social distance!


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