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28th October 2019

Ebsford love a bit of light-hearted competition between departments and so the mention of a possible 5-a-side company match did not go unheard.

The suggestion soon turned into a well-planned event complete with witty team names, makeshift hi-vis bibs and of course a bar for the less energetic of us to enjoy a drink, whilst cheering on the players.

The date was set and after some pre-match fighting talk, the Ebsford team gathered at the local football centre for what would be an eventful evening. Despite a few members being missing/ lost, the two teams; Ebsford United (Tottenham Hopperspur) and Environmental FC (Aston Screener) kicked the game off to a flying start.

Before long, the first few goals had been scored and a number of collisions had occurred, but both sides were putting in their all to secure a win. As the match continued it soon turned into mayhem, the teams were gaining new players, losing players, we even had a dislocated finger at one point. However everyone managed to make it out alive, although no doubt a little sore the next day.

The final score was debatable with a possible last-minute goal from Environmental FC, but the teams shook hands on a 12-12 draw. Afterwards, the group embarked upon post-match drinks to celebrate and discuss tactics for the next game, no doubt this will become a frequent event here at Ebsford.



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