Lakes & Ponds

Cost Effective Lake & Pond Restoration

Key Services

  • Lake & Pond Restoration & Development
  • Dredging & De-silting
  • Efficient Maintenance Solutions
  • Integrating Removed Silt Onsite
  • Establishing Native Aquatic Plants

Ebsford offer specialist contracting services for projects in/on/near water, where risks are greater in number and impact. Difficult access, sensitive environments and elevated health and safety risks, to name only a few factors, are safely controlled by our experienced team of specialists.

We understand that a complex balance of factors contribute to flood defence and erosion control solutions on coastal sites and that this results in a wide range of schemes, each requiring special implementing methods.

Rapidly changing water levels due to flash floods or tidal regimes are just some of the major risks faced in such works that Ebsford are experienced in controlling.

From coastal rock armour to groynes and beach nourishment, Ebsford are well placed to undertake the works safely with precision and sensitivity to the environment.

Environmentally sensitive de-silting is a particular specialty for Ebsford. We use the latest extraction technologies to reach the problem areas and remove deposits with the lowest possible impact on the environment.