Control of Mares-tail (Hippuris vulgaris)

Often confused with Horsetail

Key Services

  • Herbicidal treatment
  • Cutting using the amphibious Truxor Machine
  • Reduced Excavation & Disposal

Hippuris vulgaris (Mares-tail) is a rhizomatous perennial common throughout the UK. Mares-Tail is an emergent/amphibious plant that favours wetland/aquatic conditions. It can grow as an aquatic, in water up to 3 meters deep and as a terrestrial plant at the edges of standing water.

Mares-tail can be quite difficult to treat. Dependent upon the season and where the growth is situated, some chemical application may be of benefit but it often requires a combination of cutting using a specialised cutting attachment of the amphibious Truxor machine alongside a herbicidal treatment programme.