Mechanical Eradication of Japanese knotweed

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Key Services

  • Herbicidal treatment
  • Onsite burial
  • Mechanical Screening
  • Reduced Excavation & Disposal

With the removal of several herbicides from the market in 2013/2014 and the emphasis moving towards tighter construction programs; the call for faster, more immediate Japanese knotweed eradication techniques is increasing.

With costs likely to increase depending on the space of the site and the timescales, it is important to instruct a contractor who is experienced in all forms of mechanical treatment.

With WAMITAB qualified staff, a waste carriers license and a full range of EA environmental permits for the processing of contaminated material Ebsford Environmental are able to advise and prepare cost effective management plans for any of the accepted mechanical solutions:

  • Reduced excavation supervision and CoW
  • Off-site disposal, excavation, haulage and disposal
  • Mechanical screening > 1,000m3
  • Mobile screening <1000m3 via Enviroscreen 20-20 > click here for more information...
  • Deep burial
  • Reduced depth cell burial

With cost savings and volume reductions in excess of 50% when compared to the EA guidelines, choosing Ebsford Environmental can limit your expense.