Japanese Knotweed Eradication - Enviroscreen

Enviroscreen 20:20 - A Clear Solution For Immediate Eradication

Key Services

  • A cost effective alternative to off-site disposal
  • A managed and pragmatic approach
  • Immediate solution

The Enviroscreen 20-20 is a revolution in the field of Japanese knotweed treatment. A mobile unique, mechanical solution which doesn't punish a client for requiring a quick resolution.

The machine has taken 10 years to develop using experience gained from working on some of the most logistically complex construction projects ever undertaken.

This system sees contaminated soil target excavated under close supervision and transported to the Enviroscreen 20-20 treatment area. The soil is then loaded into the machine and separated into three varying grades of material. Once separated, the material is then manually sorted and viable rhizome is removed from the soil and segregated for later disposal at a licensed facility.

Upon completion the material can be re-engineered on-site and is monitored for 5 years as part of our warranty package.

All separation machinery used for this process is owned and operated by Ebsford Environmental and modified specifically to deal only with Japanese Knotweed.

This system is designed to comfortably deal with volumes up to 1000m2 and is comparable in cost to more widespread mechanical on-site solutions without the need for deep burial or separated treatment zones.